Hello and welcome to the Love Truth website!

This site has been created to share truth based education resources. The resources created are based on practically applying the teachings of Divine Truth in every day life.

The first education resource is the Parent & Family Resource that takes Principles of Divine Truth and applies them to parenting, relationships and the family dynamic. For more information on the Parent & Family Resource go to this Love Truth blog post {link to come}; to the Love Truth YouTube Channel {link to come} or to Eloisalh.com YouTube Channel Parent & Family Resource playlist.

I hope that you enjoy perusing this site. If you would like to organise an event with Eloisa, if you have any questions, queries or a desire to contact Eloisa please do so via the contact us page in the menu bar.

I hope you enjoy the resources that I have created and I wish you all the best in growing a relationship with God, and conducting experiments applying God’s Truth to your life.

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