I am Eloisa.

I have created this site as a resource for anyone interested in truth based education.

This site has been created to share resources on a variety of subjects based on my personal soul passions and desires.

The first resource that has been created is the Parent & Family Resource which applies Principles of Divine Truth to parenting. A link to the Love Truth YouTube Channel and Parent & Family Resource playlist can be found here.

I have been experimenting with the teachings of Divine Truth for approximately 11 years and have found the results of sincerely applying these teachings to be positively life changing. I love God’s Truth and aspire to bring my life into harmony with God’s Way.

If you are interested in hearing some personal information about myself I made a video with a timeline of my life and some experiences I have had experimenting with Divine Truth, link to About Eloisa video can be found here {add link}. I am keen to meet my soulmate and find out more about our whole soul’s passions, desires, qualities, attributes, nature and personality that God has gifted to us.

A video about my first experiment with Divine Truth can be found here. I also have a personal website ( where I share information about my personal life, experiences and self expression.

I began experimentation on myself, personal relationships and with the family dynamic. I recognised soon after having children that I was not a ‘good parent’ and that there were issues that caused me to not love the children in my care. I began in a clueless state but over the years am gaining an education in love based on the teachings of Divine Truth and my personal experiences. I have a passionate aspiration to love the children in our care, children in general and other humans on the planet and to correct any areas where I am out of harmony with Love and God’s Truth.

Over the past years my relationship with the children has changed and I am enjoying getting to know them and interacting with them as their self-awareness grows and develops. My aim in our family is that we become self-responsible, have truthful love based interactions on all and any subject, and uphold love and truth in our household. I am going through a correction process as I learn more about love and come to see all the areas that I am out of harmony with love and God’s Laws.

I enjoy speaking about parenting and relationships between parents and children and have truthful, transparent, love based interactions with others.

I am interested in working with families who have a sincere desire to apply Principles of Divine Truth to their family lives, in both group and one on one situations.

If you would like to organise an event or contact me please do so via the contact us page in the menu bar on this website.

Everything on this site is a gift for free from me. I want anyone in the world who is interested applying Divine Truth Principles to their life to be able to do so no matter what their financial situation is. Also I feel that God’s Truth is a gift and ought to be shared as the gift it is.

If you appreciate the resources on this website and would like to donate to me you can do so via the donate page on this website. I currently cover costs to produce the material on this website and cover mine and the children’s living expense via personal savings and the funds that individuals choose to donate to me personally. I acknowledge Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) for the Divine Truth Material that they generously share with the world and that the resources on this website are based upon, without their teachings these resources would not have been made, if you would like to donate to Jesus, Mary & Divine Truth you can do so via this link.

I look forward to interactions with those of you who are also interested in the subjects and resources that you find on this website.

With love from,



Eloisa, Izzy, Charlie, Archie 2014.

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