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Note About Contacting US

Thank you for visiting this website, I hope you have found information about God’s Truth that has assisted you in your relationship with God, getting to know your soul and improving your life.

I feel the most economical way to answer questions is in group situations, so if you contact me I may not respond to you individually but rather I may create a video answering your questions or have themed discussions on topics that more than one person asks.

I have many projects on the go in my life, I do enjoy interactions with people so I do make time to communicate individually or in group settings when the opportunity presents itself. Methods of communication that I have at my disposal are skype calls, phone calls or emails, in the future there is a possibility of live streamed events (this is not up and running just yet). If we end up communicating in one or more of these ways I will record the event, conference or individual call so that it can be shared on this website and the Love Truth YouTube channel so that it might benefit others. I feel this is the best way to benefit the most amount of people.

If you are interested in a discussion and are happy to be recorded I look forward to hearing from you.

LEgal Issues About Contacting US

Please note that if you contact us (Eloisa, Love Truth Office, Love Truth FAQ,, either by phone, letter, email, SMS message or any other medium, we reserve the right to use any such message you send in any manner we wish, which include using it on the internet in a public manner. We receive some phone calls, letters, emails and other messages that are abusive in nature, and we reserve the right to place such material on our website, our YouTube Channels, or other locations on the internet, and respond to the points raised within such messages. If you do not wish your information to be used in such a manner, then we suggest that you do not send us the message or contact us.  


If you mark any email confidential, but use the email as a form of attack, abuse, or misrepresentation of myself (Eloisa) or the truth about the message of Divine Truth as taught by Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck), then I shall also place the content of those emails on this site and generally attempt to answer the attack, abuse or misrepresentation. If you do not wish your message to be used in such a manner, then do not send us the message. This includes any message sent to any love truth or email address, or to any other personal address that Eloisa uses.

For more information, please vsit the Our Terms page.

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